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Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana offers a superior education that blends classic methodologies with progressive approaches to learning in a diverse and inclusive environment. Our school extends our commitment to personalizing the educational experience. Talented and energetic teachers collaborate weekly to design engaging lessons and embed research-based instructional practices. Professionals are trained to instruct using trends in data and implement a signature cyclic process of using student data to augment student achievement.

The Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum Model is unique to Charter Schools USA’s network of schools. Our faculty and staff place great emphasis on standards-based instruction and differentiation. Students that require remediation and/or enrichment needs are met through a vast support team of interventionists, remediation assistants, support facilitators and Curriculum Resource Teachers. Curriculum maps are designed to embed capstone projects that present project-based learning and higher order thinking activities. Students are exposed to core subjects: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies- along with a unique selection of enrichment through electives.

Our school measures student growth three times each school year using the Northwestern Educational Assessment (NWEA), a research-based assessment that precisely measures growth and proficiency. As a result of the stellar education offered at Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana, students possess problem-solving skills and gain an understanding of the larger community adding up to a journey that leads to success both within and beyond the classroom.